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Intimacy Coordination

In 2023 I graduated the training Programme from Culture Change Hub, funded through Bundesverband Schauspiel to become an Intimacy Coordinator. I received further funding from FFF Bayern and GVL.

In this training I was educated in the Best Practices from TIE/ Theatrical Intimacy Education by Laura Rikard and Kim Shively and also by Stunt and Intimacy Coordinator Cornelia Dworak.


I support Productions with shooting Scenes of Intimacy/ Nudity/ sexual assault and help bring the vision of the director to life, all within the professional boundaries of the actors* and actresses*.

Job request via Mail at 

Work Process as an Intimacy Coordinator

My work as an Intimacy Coordination is based on the 5 Best Practices by TIE (Theatrical Intimacy Education):

1. Consent

All processes and procedures are based on consent from all Parties so that no Boundaries will be crossed. 

2. Boundaries

It is important to uphold and accept all personal and bodily Boundaries. Prior to shooting and rehearsing there will be a Conversation with the actors* and actresses* so that their own bodily and personal boundaries regarding their own Nudity within the scene can be clearly defined.  At the rehearsals and on set all Boundaries of the actors* and actresses* will be clearly defined so that they can be acknowledged and maintained throughout the work. 

3. Desexualization and De-Loading 

It is important to desexualize the language around scenes with Intimacy/ Nudity/ simulated intercourse/ sexual Violence so that there is no sexually loaded environment to work in. Furthermore this not only helps sensitize everybody to mental health issues and possible triggers but also professionalizes the work with Intimacy/ nudity/ simulated intercourse/ sexual Violence. 

4. Choreography

With the help of the Choreography-Tools byTIE (Theatrical Intimacy Education) it is possible to choreograph very technically all the Intimacy that is needed with full consent of the actors* and actress* and within their own personal and bodily boundaries. This Choreography is rehearsed in advance and helps to not only make the Intimacy repeatable but also easily adjustable in front of the camera, so that on Set everybody knows what to do. 

5. Documentation

Every step will be documented and written down in a Report. Of course, all sensitive Information will not be disclosed. 

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