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Film / TV


2021 Der Lauf des Lebens/ directed by: Christoph Hölzl/ Bavaria Film

2020 sechs-C-sieben-2/ directed by: Alexander Rull/ Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Ansbach

2020 Triumph des Schauspielers/ directed by: Daniel Holzberg/ FIlmFestivals

2020 Alte Wunden muss man aufreißen/ directed by: Fabian Weißenborn/ Macromedia

2020 Meritocracy/ directed by: Ansgar Beck / HFF Munich

2018 Kräuterlied (Music video) / directed by: Amelie Heiler / Willy Astor Production

2018 Lebenslinien / directed by: Daniel Limmer / Nevada Filmproduction

2016 A Way Out / directed by: Lisa Reich / HFF Munich


2023 SOKO Stuttgart/ directed by: Patrick Winczewski/ ZDF/ Casting by: Till Zink

2021 Völlig meschugge/ directed by: Frank Stoye/ ZDF

2021 Aktenzeichen XY/ directed by: Robert Pejo/ ZDF

2017 Aktenzeichen XY / directed by: Robert Sigl / ZDF

2016 Tatsache Mord / directed by: Christian Lang / SAT.1


2021 OMGyes Season 3/ directed by: Mikayla Mcvey/ OMGyes

2018 Singles' Diaries / directed by: Sascha El Waraki / ProSieben; Sat.1; Sixx


2021 Instories Testimontial Video / Instagram


2020 Invitation to the Bavarian Theater Festival with the play "Leonce und Lena" of Theater Wasserburg

2015 Winner of Max-Preis/ Competition of all private acting schools in Munich / Play "Stayin'Alive" 


2024 Ein Schluck Erde/ Theater Wasserburg/ directed by: Nik Mayr/ Imona

2023 Die Physiker/ Theater Wasserburg/ directed by: Annett Segerer/ Mathilde von Zahn, Schwester Monika, Adolph-Friedrich-Wilhelm

2023 Die Präsidentinnen/ Theater Wasserburg/ directed by: Annett Segerer/ Erna

2021 Planquadrat Utopia/ Kulturbühne Spagat/ directed by: Ulf Goerke/ Author and Lead Actress Amelie

2021-2023 Marie Curie/ Theaterlust Tourneetheater/ directed by: Thomas Luft/ Elsie Allard

2020-2023 The Most Beautiful Woman on Earth/ germanywide Tour/ directed by: Ercan Karacayli/ Amelie (Lead)

2020 Krankheit der Jugend/ Theater Wasserburg/ directed by: Susan Hecker/ Irene/Desirée

2019 How to Date a Feminist / Torturmtheater Sommerhausen / directed by: Ercan Karacay /Kate/Carina/Morag

2019 Leonce und Lena / Theater Wasserburg / directed by: Uwe Bertram / All

2019 Peer Gynt / Theater Wasserburg / directed by: Nik Mayr & Uwe Bertram / Ingrid

2017-2018 Moby Dick / Zentraltheater / directed by: Ulf Goerke / Amelie (Lead)

2017 Hedda Gabler / Leo17 / directed by: Lea Gockel / Hedda Gabler

2016 Die lächerliche Finsternis DAS-Zerboni Theater / directed by: Ulf Goerke / Lodetti

2015-2017 Stayin'Alive / Theater und so fort / directed by: Ercan Karacayli / Amelie (Lead)

2015 Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung / Das-Zerboni Theater / directed by: Sebastian Gerold / Jessica Stein

2015 Lieblingsmenschen / DAS-Zerboni Theater / directed by: René Ortmanns / Anna (Lead)

2014 Die wundersame Schustersfrau / DAS-Zerboni Theater / directed by: Ulrike von Zerboni / Schustersfrau (Lead)

2013-2015 Frohes Fest / Theater Ravensburg / directed by. Karsten Engelhardt / Carol

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