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Photoshooting for                    FILU

I started into the year doing a Photoshoot for the new female-owned Veterinarian Office FILU. The photos were made by Julia Schärdel and make up with Katia Kostidou.

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March 2023

The most beautiful woman on earth

My very first One-Woman-Standup-Show 

15-Minute Version at March 6th 2023 at "Die Wühlmäuse" in Berlin at 8pm

March 31st and April 1st at Theater Ravensburg at 8pm


March-May 2023

Die Präsidentinnen

Premiere at March 10th at Belacqua Theater Wasserburg. More shows at

March 12th 7pm

March 24th 8pm

March 25th 8pm

March 26th 7pm

April 28th 8pm

April 29th 8pm

April 30th 7pm

May 12th 8pm

May 13th 8pm


lots of new, exciting things will be coming

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